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  1. Computational econometrics with gretl

    A. Talha Yalta, Allin Cottrell, Paulo C. Rodrigues in Computational Statistics
    Article 13 July 2024
  2. Statistical inference of pth-order generalized binomial autoregressive model

    To capture the higher-order autocorrelation structure for finite-range integer-valued time series of counts, and to consider the interdependence...

    Jie Zhang, Siyu Shao, ... Danshu Sheng in Journal of the Korean Statistical Society
    Article 13 July 2024
  3. Set-Based Tests for Genetic Association Studies with Interval-Censored Competing Risks Outcomes

    Over the past decade, massive genetic compendiums such as the UK Biobank have gathered extensive genetic and phenotypic data that hold the potential...

    Zhichao Xu, Jaihee Choi, Ryan Sun in Statistics in Biosciences
    Article 13 July 2024
  4. Oracle-efficient M-estimation for single-index models with a smooth simultaneous confidence band

    Single-index models are important and popular semiparametric models, as they can handle the problem of the “curse of dimensionality” and enjoy the...

    Li Cai, Lei **, ... Suo** Wang in TEST
    Article 12 July 2024
  5. Flexible Clustering with a Sparse Mixture of Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions

    Robust clustering of high-dimensional data is an important topic because clusters in real datasets are often heavy-tailed and/or asymmetric....

    Alexa A. Sochaniwsky, Michael P. B. Gallaugher, ... Paul D. McNicholas in Journal of Classification
    Article 12 July 2024
  6. Bayesian diagnostics in a partially linear model with first-order autoregressive skew-normal errors

    This paper studies a Bayesian local influence method to detect influential observations in a partially linear model with first-order autoregressive...

    Yonghui Liu, Jiawei Lu, ... Shuangzhe Liu in Computational Statistics
    Article 11 July 2024
  7. On the functional regression model and its finite-dimensional approximations

    José R. Berrendero, Alejandro Cholaquidis, Antonio Cuevas in Statistical Papers
    Article Open access 10 July 2024
  8. Empirical likelihood change point detection in quantile regression models

    Quantile regression is an extension of linear regression which estimates a conditional quantile of interest. In this paper, we propose an empirical...

    Suthakaran Ratnasingam, Ramadha D. Piyadi Gamage in Computational Statistics
    Article 10 July 2024
  9. Multivariate Leimkuhler Curve: Properties and Applications to Analysis of Bibliometric Data

    The Leimkuhler curve has established itself as an efficient tool in the analysis and comparison of concentration of bibliometric measures of...

    Shifna P. R., N. Unnikrishnan Nair, S. M. Sunoj in Sankhya A
    Article 10 July 2024
  10. Estimation and backtesting of risk measures with emphasis on distortion risk measures

    Statistical methodology has an important role to play in risk measurement. In this paper, we will review and discuss some statistical issues on risk...

    Article 10 July 2024
  11. Predicting species-level vegetation cover using large satellite imagery data sets

    Accurate information on the distribution of vegetation species is used as a proxy for the health of an ecosystem, a currency of international...

    Henry Scharf, Jonathan Schierbaum, ... Tim Assal in Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics
    Article 09 July 2024
  12. A Distributed Regression Analysis Application Package Using SAS

    Distributed regression is a privacy-preserving analytical method that performs multiple regression analysis using only summary-level information from...

    Qoua L. Her, Dongdong Li, ... Sengwee Toh in Statistics in Biosciences
    Article 09 July 2024
  13. Additive partial linear models with autoregressive symmetric errors and its application to the hospitalizations for respiratory diseases

    Additive partial linear models with symmetric autoregressive errors of order p are proposed in this paper for modeling time series data....

    Shu Wei Chou-Chen, Rodrigo A. Oliveira, ... Gilberto A. Paula in Statistical Papers
    Article 09 July 2024
  14. An Efficient Testing Procedure for High-Dimensional Mediators with FDR Control

    The field of mediation analysis commonly explores the pathways that connect environmental exposures with health outcomes. With the development of...

    Xueyan Bai, Yinan Zheng, ... Haixiang Zhang in Statistics in Biosciences
    Article 09 July 2024
  15. Profile quasi-maximum likelihood estimation for semiparametric varying-coefficient spatial autoregressive panel models with fixed effects

    This paper aims to propose a profile quasi-maximum likelihood estimation method for semiparametric varying-coefficient spatial autoregressive(SVCSAR)...

    Ruiqin Tian, Miaojie **a, Dengke Xu in Statistical Papers
    Article 08 July 2024
  16. A spatio-temporal model for binary data and its application in analyzing the direction of COVID-19 spread

    It is often of primary interest to analyze and forecast the levels of a continuous phenomenon as a categorical variable. In this paper, we propose a...

    Anagh Chattopadhyay, Soudeep Deb in AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis
    Article 08 July 2024
  17. Strong convergence of a nonparametric relative error regression estimator under missing data with functional predictors

    In this paper, we develop a nonparametric estimator of the regression function for a functional explanatory variable and a scalar response variable...

    Adel Boucetta, Zohra Guessoum, Elias Ould-Said in Journal of the Korean Statistical Society
    Article 07 July 2024
  18. Functional Principal Component Analysis for Multiple Variables on Different Riemannian Manifolds

    Functional principal component analysis (FPCA) is a very important dimension reduction tool for functional data analysis. The conventional FPCA...

    Article 07 July 2024
  19. A Comparison of Estimation Methods for Shared Gamma Frailty Models

    This paper compares six different estimation methods for shared frailty models via a series of simulation studies. A shared frailty model is a...

    Tingxuan Wu, Cindy Feng, Longhai Li in Statistics in Biosciences
    Article 06 July 2024
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