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  1. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy Fundamentals through Clinical Challenges

    This book provides a thorough introduction to the fundamental physics and current state-of-the art in therapeutic ultrasound. Expert chapters present...
    Vera A. Khokhlova, Lawrence A. Crum, ... Jean-Francois Aubry in Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering
    Book 3001
  2. Experiments

    The purpose of the experiment was to present the considered methodology of resource forecasting as well as to evaluate the nature of the change of...
    Chapter 2025
  3. Method

    The service life of similar products produced in significant quantities is determined using a mass, statistical model, when the behavior of a set of...
    Chapter 2025
  4. Discussion

    A summary of the results of monitoring processes leading to catastrophic developments in technology and nature is given in Tables 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.
    Chapter 2025
  5. Introduction

    The purpose of monitoring is to control the current state of the monitored object and predict the moment it reaches its critical state, which could...
    Chapter 2025
  6. Monitoring Vibrations and Disturbances in Industry and Nature

    A catastrophic phenomenon should not be considered a sudden and causeless event, but as a process whose characteristics are continuously changing...

    Anton Panda, Volodymyr Nahornyi in Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering
    Book 2025
  7. Conclusion

    The statistics presented in the monograph for predicting catastrophic events and phenomena of various physical origins indicate the effectiveness of...
    Chapter 2025
  8. Circuit design and image encryption of CNN chaotic system based on memristor

    A new general-purpose voltage-controlled memristor with a fourth power term is designed in this paper. Based on this memristor, a new...

    Jie Zhang, Enze Liu in The European Physical Journal B
    Article 14 July 2024
  9. Charged and magnetized particle motion around a static black hole in the Starobinsky–Bel–Robinson gravity

    In this work we focus on the effects of Starobinsky–Bel–Robinson (SBR) gravity parameter and external magnetic field on the motion of charged test...

    Akbar Davlataliev, Bakhtiyor Narzilloev, ... Bobomurat Ahmedov in The European Physical Journal C
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  10. Pore-scale investigation of two-dimensional water–oil displacement in fractured porous media

    The pore and branching fracture structures in both naturally and artificially fractured reservoirs significantly affect the water–oil displacement...

    Mingyang Wu, Zhenlong Song, ... Qianying Li in The European Physical Journal Plus
    Article 14 July 2024
  11. Constructing model-agnostic likelihoods, a method for the reinterpretation of particle physics results

    Experimental High Energy Physics has entered an era of precision measurements. However, measurements of many of the accessible processes assume that...

    Lorenz Gärtner, Nikolai Hartmann, ... Danny van Dyk in The European Physical Journal C
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  12. Optical transmission for precise discrimination of influenza A virus subtypes: a comprehensive study on light interaction and collimated transmittance

    Optical transmission is a widely used technique that uses the interaction of light and viral molecules to identify viruses in a variety of materials....

    Zienab EL-Wasif, Tawfik Ismail, Omnia Hamdy in Journal of Optics
    Article 13 July 2024
  13. Machine-learning-based particle identification with missing data

    In this work, we introduce a novel method for Particle Identification (PID) within the scope of the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at...

    Miłosz Kasak, Kamil Deja, ... Małgorzata Janik in The European Physical Journal C
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  14. Parametric Interactions of Waves in Terahertz Devices Based on Graphene Metamaterials


    The mathematical modeling of operating regimes of parametric THz devices based on graphene metamaterials (graphene‒dielectric periodic...

    G. S. Makeeva in Optics and Spectroscopy
    Article 13 July 2024
  15. Railway Slope Monitoring Based on Dual-Parameter FBG Sensor

    A large number of slopes appear along the line during railway construction, which will pose a threat to railway safety operation. Slope monitoring...

    Hongbin Xu, Weiwei Wang, ... Chuanrui Guo in Photonic Sensors
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  16. Study the structural and optical properties of Zinc Oxide prepared by pulse laser deposition

    In this study, in order to design thin films of Zinc Oxide, we used a pulsed laser deposition process and investigated their properties. XRD patterns...

    Muna A. Issa, Kadhim A. Aadim in Journal of Optics
    Article 13 July 2024
  17. Relativistic minisuperspaces in Finslerian background

    In one of the approaches to quantization of gravity, the Wheeler–DeWitt equation for the wave function of the universe appeared long ago. Presently,...

    S. S. De, Farook Rahaman, Antara Mapdar in Indian Journal of Physics
    Article 13 July 2024
  18. Three-channel acoustic switch based on topological phononic crystals

    In this study, edge states with topological characteristics have been simulated using a square phononic crystal consisting of cross-shaped scatterers...

    Elham Bahrami, Ali Bahrami in The European Physical Journal Plus
    Article 13 July 2024
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