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  1. Prevalence and correlates of common mental disorders among participants of the Uganda Genome Resource: Opportunities for psychiatric genetics research

    Genetics research has potential to alleviate the burden of mental disorders in low- and middle-income-countries through identification of new...

    Allan Kalungi, Eugene Kinyanda, ... Segun Fatumo in Molecular Psychiatry
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  2. Intracranial dissemination of Klebsiella pneumoniae originating from pulmonary infection: a case report


    Metastatic brain abscesses caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae are extremely rare but life-threatening conditions. To depict a unique case of...

    Ghazaleh Jamalipoursufi, Ali Hajihashemi, ... Mahsa Geravandi in Journal of Medical Case Reports
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  3. A position-enhanced sequential feature encoding model for lung infections and lymphoma classification on CT images


    Differentiating pulmonary lymphoma from lung infections using CT images is challenging. Existing deep neural network-based lung CT...

    Article 14 July 2024
  4. Evolution of Titanium Interbody Cages and Current Uses of 3D Printed Titanium in Spine Fusion Surgery

    Purpose of Review

    To summarize the history of titanium implants in spine fusion surgery and its evolution over time.

    Recent Findings


    Justin J. Lee, Freddy P. Jacome, ... Wellington K. Hsu in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine
    Article 14 July 2024
  5. Plasma Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease and Neurodegeneration According to Sociodemographic Characteristics and Chronic Health Conditions

    Ultrasensitive assays have been developed which enable biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease pathology and neurodegeneration to be measured in blood....

    H. T. Zheng, Z. Wu, ... Joanne Ryan in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  6. Loss of sheen in Oguchi disease following short wavelength exposure

    Haseeb N. Akhtar, Luke Nicholson, ... Omar A. Mahroo in Eye
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  7. Outcomes of patients undergoing third hematopoietic cell transplantation for hematologic malignancies

    With advancements in novel therapeutics, it is unclear whether third hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT3) has a place in the treatment of...

    Emily R. Cox, Corinne Summers, ... Monica S. Thakar in Annals of Hematology
    Article 14 July 2024
  8. Marijuana

    Article 13 July 2024
  9. Meropenem

    Article 13 July 2024
  10. Fluorouracil

    Article 13 July 2024
  11. Fondaparinux-sodium

    Article 13 July 2024
  12. Faricimab

    Article 13 July 2024
  13. Felodipine

    Article 13 July 2024
  14. Haem-arginate

    Article 13 July 2024
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