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  1. Coefficient of Friction Between Pant Fabrics and Seat Covers: An In-Vivo Experimental Study

    Shear force at the seat interface has been known to increase the risk of pressure injury (PI) formation in wheelchair users. Understanding the...

    A. Lamsal, T. R. Bush in Experimental Techniques
    Article 13 July 2024
  2. Near infrared emission in Nd3+ and Nd3+/Yb3+co-doped LiY(WO4)2 phosphor

    In this paper, a series of Nd 3+ and Nd 3+ /Yb 3+ co-doped LiY(WO 4 ) 2 phosphor materials synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction(SSR) technique...

    Ankit Mungale, S. A. Shah, ... S. V. Moharil in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
    Article 13 July 2024
  3. The resistance switching performance of the memristor improved effectively by inserting carbon quantum dots (CQDs) for digital information processing

    As an emerging information device that adapts to development of the big data era, memristor has attracted much attention due to its advantage in...

    Tianqi Yu, Jie Li, ... Zhiwei Zhao in Nano Research
    Article 13 July 2024
  4. Dielectric nanocomposites with superb high-temperature capacitive performance based on high intrinsic dielectric constant polymer

    Advancements in power electronics necessitate dielectric polymer films capable of operating at high temperatures and possessing high energy density....

    Ding Ai, Yuan Chang, ... Zirui Jia in Nano Research
    Article 13 July 2024
  5. Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Ca–Mg–Al–Si–O + (Ca,Mn)S Duplex Inclusions in Ca–S Free-Cutting Steel

    Large numbers of long strip-shaped pure MnS inclusions in steel will result in anisotropy of mechanical properties. To obtain more duplex (Ca,Mn)S...

    Yao Li, Guoguang Cheng, ... Hu Long in Metals and Materials International
    Article 13 July 2024
  6. Effects of Ba do** on the structural, magnetic and microwave absorption properties for LaMnO3 perovskites

    Manganese-based rare-earth perovskite oxides are gaining attention as microwave absorbers due to their exceptional dielectric and magnetic...

    Cheng Qian, Ruotong Zhu, ... Min Zhang in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
    Article 13 July 2024
  7. Cobalt and nickel do** influence on physical and electrochemical characteristics of spray-deposited SnO2 thin film supercapacitor electrodes

    The present study aims to enhance the electrochemical performance of SnO 2 thin film as a supercapacitor electrode by do** different amounts of Co...

    Hassan Zare Asl, Seyed Mohammad Rozati in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
    Article 13 July 2024
  8. In-situ tensile deformation of austenitic stainless steels with various grain sizes during synchrotron and neutron diffraction

    In this study, we conducted in-situ tensile deformation tests using synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques on Nb-bearing AISI 201...

    Ahmad Kermanpur, Steven Van Petegem, Nicola Casati in Journal of Materials Science
    Article 13 July 2024
  9. Correlation Between Elastic Properties and Phase Transformation of Zr50Pd50−xRux High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys Designed by DFT

    The effect of Ru addition on the martensitic transformation and mechanical properties of Zr 50 Pd 50− x Ru x SMAs shape memory alloys has been studied....

    Yu-Nien Shen, D. Nkomo, ... Y. Yamabe-Mitarai in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  10. Strain Hardening in Dilute Binary Al–Cu, Al–Zn, and Al–Mn Alloys: Experiment and Modeling

    During thermo-mechanical processing, dissolved alloying elements have a huge impact on the microstructure evolution by influencing the overall...

    Bernhard Viernstein, Laszlo Solyom, Ernst Kozeschnik in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  11. Study on Stress Corrosion Cracking of X100 Pipeline Steel in NS4 Solution

    The X100 pipeline steel is classified as a type of high-strength, low-alloy steel that is mostly used in the construction of pipelines designed for...

    Alex Adonis Nking’wa, Kewei Gao in Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention
    Article 13 July 2024
  12. Drug delivery systems for tissue engineering: exploring novel strategies for enhanced regeneration

    This study investigates recent advancements in drug delivery systems (DDS) for tissue engineering, emphasizing their role in the targeted and...

    Julia Lemos de Oliveira, Maria Eduarda Xavier da Silva, ... Ana Paula Serafini Immich in Journal of Nanoparticle Research
    Article 13 July 2024
  13. Utilizing γ- and θ-Alumina from Aluminium Black Dross for Catalytic Applications: Hybrid Sustainable Pyro–Hydrometallurgy and Residue Heat Utilization

    This study is aimed at extracting γ- and θ-alumina from recycled black aluminium dross for catalytic applications, employing a novel hybrid...

    G. Sathiyaseelan, C. Bhagyanathan in Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals
    Article 13 July 2024
  14. Therapeutic nucleic acids in regenerative medicine and tissue repair

    In the vanguard of biomedical innovation, regenerative medicine emerges as a transformative paradigm, concentrating its efforts on rectifying tissue...

    Qimanguli Saiding, Duotian Qin, ... Wei Tao in Nano Research
    Article 13 July 2024
  15. Effect of annealing temperature on the optoelectrical synapse behaviors of A-ZnO microtube

    Optoelectronic synapses with fast response, low power consumption, and memory function hold great potential in the future of artificial intelligence...

    Yongman Pan, Qiang Wang, ... Yijian Jiang in Discover Nano
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  16. Scintillation and dosimetric properties of Tb4O7-doped Ca2BO3Cl

    We synthesized calcium borate chlorides (Ca 2 BO 3 Cl) with different amounts of Tb 4 O 7 (0.1, 0.5, 1.0%), and investigated photoluminescence,...

    Naoki Kawano, Takumi Kato, ... Takayuki Yanagida in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
    Article 13 July 2024
  17. A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Adhesive Contact with Effect of Tangential Forces

    Adhesive contact with the effect of tangential force may have important implications in friction and wear performances of small-sized devices and...

    **-Shan He, Gan-Yun Huang, ... Liao-Liang Ke in Tribology Letters
    Article 13 July 2024
  18. Structural Design of SiCp/A356 Brake Discs Based on Multi-field Coupling and Material Characteristics

    The structural design of the brake disc of urban rail trains, especially the design of the heat dissipation rib structure, affects the heat...

    Pilin Song, Zhiyong Yang, ... Zhiqiang Li in Applied Composite Materials
    Article 13 July 2024
  19. High pressure suppression of plasticity due to an overabundance of shear embryo formation

    High pressure shear band formation is a critical phenomenon in energetic materials due to its influence on both mechanical strength and...

    Brenden W. Hamilton, Timothy C. Germann in npj Computational Materials
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  20. Enhancement of Microstructural and Tensile Isotropy for Ti–6Al–4V and Ti–6Al–2Sn–2Zr–2Mo–2Cr Alloys Deposited with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing and Interlayer Peening


    The wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) deposition of Ti–6Al–4V (Ti64) and Ti–6Al–2Sn–2Zr–2Mo–2Cr (Ti62222) alloys produce long columnar...

    Sungwon Hwang, Guo **an, ... Namhyun Kang in Metals and Materials International
    Article 13 July 2024
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