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  1. Heterologous expression of distinct insecticidal genes in potato cultivars encodes resistance against potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

    The potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller), is a notorious insect pest of potato incurring substantial yield losses in the field as well...

    Muhammad Salim, Allah Bakhsh, ... Ayhan Gökçe in Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection
    Article Open access 14 July 2024
  2. Emerging Cases of Cat-Transmitted Sporotrichosis Driven by Sporothrix brasiliensis in Northeast Brazil

    Cat-transmitted sporotrichosis is caused by the emerging fungal pathogen Sporothrix brasiliensis and constitutes a significant public health issue...

    Pollyanne Raysa Fernandes de Oliveira, Jamile Ambrósio de Carvalho, ... Rinaldo Aparecido Mota in Mycopathologia
    Article 14 July 2024
  3. Prediction and map** the productivity of eucalyptus clones with environmental covariates

    The quantitative nature of wood production poses a challenge for breeders. The complex interaction of genotypes with environments (G×E) makes...

    Leonardo Oliveira Silva da Costa, Izabel Christina Gava de Souza, ... Evandro Novaes in Tree Genetics & Genomes
    Article 13 July 2024
  4. Dietary salt promotes cognitive impairment through repression of SIRT3/PINK1-mediated mitophagy and fission

    Dietary salt is increasingly recognized as an independent risk factor for cognitive impairment. However, the exact mechanisms are not yet fully...

    Haixia Fan, Minghao Yuan, ... Zhiyou Cai in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
    Article 13 July 2024
  5. SUMOylation of nuclear receptor Nor1/NR4A3 coordinates microtubule cytoskeletal dynamics and stability in neuronal cells


    Nor1/NR4A3 is a member of the NR4A subfamily of nuclear receptors that play essential roles in regulating gene expression related to...

    Jonathan Gagnon, Véronique Caron, André Tremblay in Cell & Bioscience
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  6. Application of CuNPs and AMF alleviates arsenic stress by encompassing reduced arsenic uptake through metabolomics and ionomics alterations in Elymus sibiricus

    Recent studies have exhibited a very promising role of copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) in mitigation of abiotic stresses in plants. Arbuscular...

    Mansour K. Gatasheh, Anis Ali Shah, ... Shifa Shaffique in BMC Plant Biology
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  7. Long sediment-laden algal turf likely impairs coral recovery on Florida’s coral reefs

    Coral reefs in the Florida Reef Tract have seen protracted loss of coral over the past several decades due to a variety of disturbances from marine...

    A. Duran, K. E. Speare, ... D. E. Burkepile in Coral Reefs
    Article 13 July 2024
  8. Identification of volatile metabolites produced from levodopa metabolism by different bacteria strains of the gut microbiome

    Interspecies pathways in the gut microbiome have been shown to metabolize levodopa, the primary treatment for Parkinson’s disease, and reduce its...

    Taylor Pennington, Jarrett Eshima, Barbara S. Smith in BMC Microbiology
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  9. Platelet-Rich Plasma Promotes the Expansion of Human Myoblasts and Favors the In Vitro Generation of Human Muscle Reserve Cells in a Deeper State of Quiescence

    Stem cell therapy holds significant potential for skeletal muscle repair, with in vitro-generated human muscle reserve cells (MuRCs) emerging as a...

    Axel Tollance, Alexandre Prola, ... Thomas Laumonier in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  10. C4-like Sesuvium sesuvioides (Aizoaceae) exhibits CAM in cotyledons and putative C4-like + CAM metabolism in adult leaves as revealed by transcriptome analysis


    The co-occurrence of C 4 and CAM photosynthesis in a single species seems to be unusual and rare. This is likely due to the difficulty in...

    Christian Siadjeu, Gudrun Kadereit in BMC Genomics
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  11. Soil effects on the plant growth inhibitory activity of S-abscisic acid

    The use of natural plant growth regulators (PGRs) as ecofriendly agrochemicals is gaining much attention, but the fate of these compounds once they...

    María del Valle Muñoz-Muñoz, Rocío López-Cabeza, ... Rafael Celis in Biology and Fertility of Soils
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  12. The acyl-CoA-binding protein VdAcb1 is essential for carbon starvation response and contributes to virulence in Verticillium dahliae

    In the face of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus starvation, microorganisms have evolved adaptive mechanisms to maintain growth. In a previous study,...

    **g Zhuang, Ya-Duo Zhang, ... Dan-Dan Zhang in aBIOTECH
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  13. The Angiogenic Repertoire of Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles: Demystifying the Molecular Underpinnings for Wound Healing Applications

    Stem cells-derived extracellular vesicles (SC-EVs) have emerged as promising therapeutic agents for wound repair, recapitulating the biological...

    Shuoyuan Liu, Huayuan Zhao, ... Zhenbing Chen in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports
    Article 13 July 2024
  14. Physiological and cellular mechanisms of ischemic preconditioning microRNAs-mediated in underlying of ischemia/reperfusion injury in different organs

    Ischemia–reperfusion (I/R) injury, as a pathological phenomenon, takes place when blood supply to an organ is disrupted and then aggravated during...

    Izadpanah Gheitasi, Ghaidafeh Akbari, Feryal Savari in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
    Article 13 July 2024
  15. Increasing the efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in the citrus postharvest pathogen Penicillium digitatum


    Penicillium digitatum is a fungal plant pathogen that causes the green mold disease in harvested citrus fruits. Due to its economical...

    Carolina Ropero-Pérez, Jose F. Marcos, ... Sandra Garrigues in Fungal Biology and Biotechnology
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  16. Preclinical and clinical advances to overcome hypoxia in glioblastoma multiforme

    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common adult primary brain tumor. The standard clinical treatment of GBM includes a maximal surgical...

    Jolie Bou-Gharios, Georges Noël, Hélène Burckel in Cell Death & Disease
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  17. Efficacy of the dietary Malva parviflora leaves in modulating immune-antioxidant functions, resistance to Candida albicans and Streptococcus agalactiae infection, digestive/absorptive capacity, and growth of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

    Recently, the intervention of herbal plants in the fish diet has drawn a lot of interest due to their unique nutritional value and pharmacological...

    Afaf N. Abdel Rahman, Yasmin A. Reyad, ... Rowida E. Ibrahim in Aquaculture International
    Article 13 July 2024
  18. Lysinibacillus pinottii sp. nov., a novel species with anti-mosquito and anti-mollusk activity

    An isolate of a Gram-positive, strictly aerobic, motile, rod-shaped, endospore forming bacterium was originally isolated from soil when screening and...

    Christopher A. Dunlap, Eric T. Johnson, ... Ephantus J. Muturi in Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
    Article 13 July 2024
  19. The role of quercetin in ameliorating bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis: insights into autophagy and the SIRT1/AMPK signaling pathway


    Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a disease of unknown etiology characterized by a constant incidence rate. Unfortunately, effective...

    Zhipeng Li, Yang Jiao, ... Fang Cao in Molecular Biology Reports
    Article 13 July 2024
  20. Effects of short-chain fatty acid-butyrate supplementation on expression of circadian-clock genes, sleep quality, and inflammation in patients with active ulcerative colitis: a double-blind randomized controlled trial


    The regulation of the circadian clock genes, which coordinate the activity of the immune system, is disturbed in inflammatory bowel disease...

    Donya Firoozi, Seyed Jalil Masoumi, ... Mahintaj Dara in Lipids in Health and Disease
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
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