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  1. Multi-channel anomaly detection using graphical models

    Anomaly detection in multivariate time-series data is critical for monitoring asset conditions, enabling prompt fault detection and diagnosis to...

    Bernadin Namoano, Christina Latsou, John Ahmet Erkoyuncu in Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  2. Vernacular branding: sustaining city identity through vernacular architecture of indigenous villages

    This qualitative research explores the intricate relationship between city branding and vernacular architecture within the context of indigenous...

    Eko Nursanty, Arturo G. Cauba Jr., Angger Pandu Waskito in Place Branding and Public Diplomacy
    Article 13 July 2024
  3. City branding, discourse and politics: a case study on Compassionate Louisville

    Using the case of Louisville’s “Compassionate City” brand, the paper shows that city branding can produce discourses that can influence local...

    Ekramul Islam, Derek Ruez, ... Shahbaj Altaf in Place Branding and Public Diplomacy
    Article 13 July 2024
  4. Immigrants’ entrepreneurial intentions: acculturation-based socio-psychological lens

    The past few decades have witnessed an increase in individuals leaving their country of origin, settling, and pursuing venture creation opportunities...

    Article 13 July 2024
  5. Distributed neuro-fuzzy routing for energy-efficient IoT smart city applications in WSN

    Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) enable seamless data gathering and communication, facilitating efficient and real-time decision-making in IoT...

    S. Jeevanantham, C. Venkatesan, B. Rebekka in Telecommunication Systems
    Article 13 July 2024
  6. Crypto-influencers

    This study examines the investment value of information provided by crypto-influencers, that is, social media influencers covering crypto assets on...

    Kenneth J. Merkley, Joseph Pacelli, ... Brian Williams in Review of Accounting Studies
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  7. Leveraging intersections in management

    Paolo Aversa, Cristina Bettinelli, ... Pasquale Massimo Picone in Journal of Management and Governance
    Article 13 July 2024
  8. Enhancing weld line visibility prediction in injection molding using physics-informed neural networks

    This study introduces a novel approach using Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINN) to predict weld line visibility in injection-molded components...

    Andrea Pieressa, Giacomo Baruffa, ... Giovanni Lucchetta in Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  9. On the identity of two solution algorithms of the ‘improved normalized squared differences’ matrix adjustment model

    The paper is a supplement for an article recently published in this journal. That paper proved that if the sign-preservation requirement is dropped...

    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  10. A Review of Anonymization Algorithms and Methods in Big Data

    In the era of big data, with the increase in volume and complexity of data, the main challenge is how to use big data while preserving the privacy of...

    Elham Shamsinejad, Touraj Banirostam, ... Amir Masoud Rahmani in Annals of Data Science
    Article 13 July 2024
  11. An enhanced energy and distance based optimized clustering and dynamic adaptive cluster-based routing in software defined vehicular network

    Software-Defined Vehicular Networks (SDVN) have been established to facilitate secure and adaptable vehicle communication within the dynamic...

    A. Sajithabegam, T. Menakadevi in Telecommunication Systems
    Article 13 July 2024
  12. Representing a Model for the Anonymization of Big Data Stream Using In-Memory Processing

    In light of the escalating privacy risks in the big data era, this paper introduces an innovative model for the anonymization of big data streams,...

    Elham Shamsinejad, Touraj Banirostam, ... Amir Masoud Rahmani in Annals of Data Science
    Article 13 July 2024
  13. Impact of Covid-19 on the Economic Growth of ASEAN Countries: Convergence or Divergence?

    This contribution addresses the question of whether economic growth among ASEAN member countries is converging or diverging within the context of the...

    Federico D’Aloia, Philippe Gugler in International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness
    Article Open access 13 July 2024
  14. Apple Leaf Disease Detection Using Transfer Learning

    Automated detection of plant diseases is crucial as it simplifies the task of monitoring large farms and identifies diseases at their early stages to...

    Ozair Ahmad Wani, Umer Zahoor, ... Rijwan Khan in Annals of Data Science
    Article 13 July 2024
  15. Production scheduling decision-making technology for multiple CNC machining centers with constraints on serviceable time

    The tool’s life statistics module in CNC machining centers typically associates tool’s usage time with the program’s running duration, leading to the...

    Jianzhong Qiu, Jun Wu, ... Yan Fang in Journal of Scheduling
    Article 13 July 2024
  16. Board gender diversity and cash holding: the effect of family ties

    Using a sample of 630 firm-year observations of non-financial Spanish listed companies for the period 2004–2020, this study examines linkages of...

    Gema del C. Fleitas-Castillo, Jerónimo Pérez-Alemán, Domingo Javier Santana-Martín in Review of Managerial Science
    Article Open access 12 July 2024
  17. Determinants of technical efficiency of pig production systems in northern Uganda: a Stochastic Frontier approach

    Meat consumption, particularly the consumption of pork, has increased substantially in most develo** countries. In response, various production...

    Caleb I. Adewale, Elias Munezero, ... Basil Mugonola in SN Business & Economics
    Article 12 July 2024
  18. Positivity and convexity in incomplete cooperative games

    Incomplete cooperative games generalize the classical model of cooperative games by omitting the values of some of the coalitions. This allows for...

    Martin Černý, Jan Bok, ... Milan Hladík in Annals of Operations Research
    Article Open access 12 July 2024
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